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A FAMOUS AUTHOR BELIEVES THAT BIOTECH WILL DOMINATE THE GLOBE BY LIFE EXTENSIONS. I remain skeptical if this is worthy of pursuit, even if attainable. The betterment of health and QOL is more important. Ultimately, age wears out body systems. Many of them. Trees drop leaves in autumn because it is easier to remake than to repair. Are we to repair all the worn out systems? Or just a few. As I watch my 25 year old cat struggle with the infirmities of age, I am concluding a peaceful exit is more noble. Rather, stop children dying in the streets and the young suffering brutal illnesses.  

HEALTHCARE STARTUPS ARE BECOMING MORE MATURE, especially as scarce resources provide a brutal winnowing of the weaker on the Bell curve. I recall the late 1980s, where any Nobel with a fishing expedition and no clue of an exit could raise buckets of cash. Today, around the globe, I hear VCs and investors comment that there is a maturing. A VC in Spain recently commented that the quality of deals has gone "from 1.0 to 3.0 in a few years". Whether it is accelerators, mentors, VCs or savvy corporate partners, the sector is getting smarter help today. 

THE UK LEADS IN CROWDFUNDING. It was only a few years ago that the British Consulate brought a trade delegation of UK stem cell companies to Silicon Valley. At the reception, every CEO I spoke to had scientifically cutting-edge technology, but were completely stifled by the lack of capital in the UK. Things have changed even in this short time, and it is encouraging to see the UK lead in at least one aspect of funding. 

THE LISBON CHALLENGE TO ATTRACT ENTREPRENEURS TO PORTUGAL to stimulate job creation and wealth is a brilliant and simple formula. Provide cash and other incentives and you can be sure that entrepreneurs will be interested. Add to the mix tax breaks and investor R&D breaks and you have a honey pot. Those societies that are slow to adopt these kinds of measures will stay longer in the Recession. Better to bite the bitter apple of doing the right thing socially at political cost than find yourself  at the back of the line. 

THE HUMAN METABOLISM IS NOT SUITED FOR OUR SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE. Driving to work, you have a near-miss accident. Your adrenaline is released, fats mobilized, which for the cave man fleeing a predator would have fueled a flight or fight muscle response. But for you in the car, your fat released is just laid down in the arteries and ultimately, liver. Stress triggers that once served a vital function, now are harmful to our health. Our metabolic evolution is not matched to our social evolution. 

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