Innovation Nation?

Last update on Aug. 7, 2013.

So, is it just coincidence that in the last 3 weeks I have seen probably the BEST technology start-ups and growth stage companies in my 8 years in Barcelona?

Could it be that the hype is true? I certainly think so. A few personal observations: I have attended or organized a total of around 30 investment forums in Spain over the past year or so. Very few have been truly international and by that I mean delivered in English, and with international investors. This is a great pity, because it means that the entrepreneur is not prepared for real life. It is essential to be able to describe, succinctly, yes, 'elevator pitch' style your product or service and the solution it provides. I remember a Silicon Valley investor describing one of the pitches as the worst he had ever seen, but the technology was superb. There is no shortage of talent and creativity in Barcelona. The city attracts and breeds talent. One of the forums I attended this year had an attendance double that of last year. Great you may say, but the truth is probably that there are more entrepreneurs out of necessity. Only the best will survive. And one of the key success indicators is thinking and acting global from the start. 

So, back to those companies. What impressed me was that I could present any one of them to an international investor - I could not have said that a few years ago. But these companies still do not have the necessary know-how to find and approach the international investor.

ADVentura exists because of this need.

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